Investing in ESG

Help your clients invest sustainably by incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations.

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Discover how going green now means go for financial performance.

Copia can offer you solutions that meet investors’ demands for socially responsible and sustainable investments.

As an adviser, you can now deliver investment options that also satisfy your clients’ environmental, social and governance concerns.

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Why Copia ESG portfolios?

Robust investment process, whole of market approach

The ESG investments that we offer are based on a robust screening methodology.

Be confident in your ESG recommendations

Our extensive research into ESG funds means your clients can have complete confidence that their investments are genuinely responsible.

Enrich your clients’ portfolios

Copia can help you build cost-efficient, well-diversified and multi-asset ESG portfolios for your clients, using our systematic approach.

We’ve been so impressed with both the platform and the fresh approach to investment offered by Copia that we have embedded Copia into our proposition utilising their DFM expertise.

Kevin Lynch BEng FPFS | Director & Chartered Financial Planner - Advanced Asset Consultants Ltd
  • We administer over £7billion of client assets.

  • Gain access to our ESG investment strategy.

  • Get the expertise you need from our specialist team.

We researched the ESG market thoroughly, as we developed our investment strategy, and can share our expertise with you.

Sustainable investing is on the rise and we believe the trend is set to continue.

There’s a virtuous circle now operating that drives capital into ESG stocks, as changing consumer demand increases the value of those stocks, so now is the time to enrich your portfolio.
Copia’s market research has helped identify a highly reliable social responsibility index, which delivers financial performance from companies with sustainable business operations.

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